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Fat Slovenly White Racist In Florida Don't Believe A Brother Lives In His Condo.

06 Dec 2019

Black man handles profiling HOA member like a saint! While taking out trash in the am, apparent racist resident and president of the Timber Ridge Village HOA goes to extreme levels, confronts and demands identification and proof of residency from a black man because he simply does't look familiar to her.

She starts by asking if he belongs here, and asks for ID- then the camera rolls. She later obstructs and blocks his vehicle on the road against his own will , while he tries to de-escalate and leave. All because he failed to produce ID.

While calling for back-up from fellow board members, a brave level-headed woman sides with the black man - against her friend and colleague after finding out she has no standing and her actions are completely inflammatory !

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Tamarie 4 months ago

She’s an ass but why you gotta be all focused on her size. Every color got thic people.

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MemoGrafix 7 months ago

Why do BLACK PEOPLE always WANT to be SURROUNDED by NeanderThugs?? Stop living among the BEAST

That's what he gets for wantin to live around them. This man is a KNEEgroPeein. He thinks it better living around them is better than living around his own skinfolk. Fuckin begging cave bitches.

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Cheesy 7 months ago

Notice it wasn't until another white woman spoke up that she left him alone. There's no respect for us. This is nothing more than slave codes and whites wanting to know where we are at all times.

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