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Kentucky Teen Murdered Brother and Uncle In Their Home

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
20 Nov 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Ky. (WKRC) - An Alexandria family and the community are torn apart following a violent weekend. A man allegedly killed his 14-year-old brother, his uncle and shot his cousin's fiancé. A makeshift memorial sits outside a home in a quiet Kentucky neighborhood. What happened on N. Cottonwood Court over the weekend is as unspeakable as it is unbelievable.

On Friday in the late afternoon, shots were fired in the home. Three people were hit; one lived to tell the story. The alleged shooter is 18-year-old Richard Fessler, who lived at the home.

The person who lived, the fiance of Fessler's cousin, Derek Johnson, walked out to the Ridgewood Drive where a woman found him, rendered first aid and called 911.

"I see blood, I freak out because I've been in nursing my whole life,” said Ambyr Schnitzler. “I applied a tourniquet. I start pressuring the blood. A black car came around the corner and he started screaming, 'That's him! That's Richard!"

Police say Fessler drove the car to the end of the subdivision and into another cul-de-sac where he abandoned it and took off running. He ended up on Washington Trace Road where police arrested him about 10 hours after the shooting.

Fessler is now being held on two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

Fessler is accused of killing his 14-year-old brother and his uncle, 47-year-old Brian Cornelius.

Cornelius had a daughter, who engaged to Johnson. Fessler allegedly shot him twice. Johnson is recovering at UC Medical Center.

Local 12 spoke to a family member who said Fessler went to school at Campbell County High School but dropped out. His little brother was still a freshman at the school.

A student said they had a moment of silence Monday morning for the little brother, and a school employee says counselors were available for students.

As for the family at the home where the shootings occurred, the healing is just beginning.

Police have not released a motive for this shooting. Fessler is due in court Tuesday morning.


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them Crakkklins be going in hard on they kin
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#HaHA another ruined Pinkerton Family...THIS MAKES ME HAPPY!!!

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