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Rosewood Massacre Survivors and Eye-witness Testimonies (1983)

Above All That Drama

Rosewood Massacre by Vicious White Lynch Mob (1923). https://iloveancestry.com Ed Bradley goes back in time, through eye-witness testimony, to the "Old South" and reconstructs the day that Rosewood Florida died.

In the small town of Rosewood, Florida, a lie was told. A rumor was repeated. A lynch mob was formed. And a massacre began…

Honoring the ancestors who were slaughtered during the Rosewood Massacre that started on January 1, 1923. Never Forget! The wild mob of whites, 1000-strong, obliterated Rosewood Florida, killing so many Black Americans.

IMPORTANT: We disagree with the number of victims the TV host keeps referring to as a maximum of 40. We believe the number of deaths during that horrific event is way more significant than what has been reported in the past.

We also honor the survivors of this massacre in the video that still were dealing with the inevitable trauma of experiencing such violence and hate from white folks.

By 1900 Rosewood FL had a black majority of citizens. On the morning of January 1, 1923, Fannie Coleman Taylor of Sumner Florida, claimed she was assaulted by a black man... Read the full story with a shocking secret revealed: https://iloveancestry.com/topics/ancestry/historical-events/20th-century/rosewood-massacre-by-vicious-white-lynch-mob/

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60 Minutes - CBS Air Date: Dec 11, 1983 - 60 Minutes, the most successful broadcast in television history.

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