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Black Homeless Crisis In Los Angeles California Black Men

Information Man Show


Black Homeless Crisis In Los Angeles California Black Men
40% of the 70,000 on the streets in Los Angeles are black. 85% of the 7,000 on skid row are black. 8% of the residents in Los Angeles are black. It’s time this issue is properly addressed, called out, and made a priority.


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lazmor 2 months ago

now why is that this way. let's get to the truth. a lot of these men are either guys who people told back in the day , you ought to change your habits in life and find direction. But they didn't . It's not all but quite a few have done so much wrong that their families do't want to be bothered with them anymore. I'm quite sure a lot of us men can relate to having partners and such we grew up with and telling them . hey man we need to do this because we aint going to be able to do this forever. And they don't listen . Some I may feel sorry for because they fell on hard times . But a lot i'm sorry to say , i don't feel that way for. How many of them have kids that they've made and did nothing for them, but used their kids mothers to take care of them until the mother had enough and said no more. I've seen this and i still see it , where a lot of these guys would prefer standing around waiting on someone to pay them a lot for knowing nothing while their women and mothers and sisters further their education and leave them behind. Now I know some have situations they couldn't control , but when you are the minority in the populace like there , but the majority of homelessness and poverty, maybe its your fault and life choices

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