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i'm tired of these people 4giving.mp4

20 Nov 2019

now i'm not telling her to go all black militant, but this is a teaching moment whereas she should say to mfs like this. This is what happens to your ass when you threaten people with bodily harm because you don't like them. But she blew it big time with this bullshit she just said. I guess since she's sleeping with one of those mfs now, she feels that 4giving them for 450 yrs of hate is the right way we black folk should be. She is fucking up royally with this. Because this is what those mfs expect. Kill us, beat us, rape us , and because we believe in some religion whether its islam or christianity we're supposed to 4give. Every white skinned mf on this planet whether they are arab muslims or amerikan christians makes a fool out of black people by brainwashing these silly mfs to always forgive them for fuckig over us ,past , present , and future. WAKE THE FUCK UP

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8 months ago

Silly bitch (Who is now divorcing her black African husban and had been seen arm in arm with a Zaddy Pinkerton) she is due for the nigga wake up call.

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