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Seattle - The Atomic Bomb Propaganda

03 Nov 2019

Why are hidden hints placed in the media that
to suggest a plot on Seattle?

We're supposed to believe that Seattle is being destroyed by a nuclear bomb.
This message has been subliminally transmitted into us for many years.

You are allowed to share, edit and upload all my Video about Seattle.

Subliminal messages were also used before 9/11:

The following videos give a good introduction to Seattle:
Oh the humanity the fake attack on Seattle on November 03, 2019

Seattle the pattern is complete:

Here you can find the complete video of DMTrip Report:
Even more 11/3 Seattle Predictive Programming Examples

I also recommend the YouTube channel of TM Films

Wenn du aus Deutschland kommst, empfehle ich dir zunächst
mein Video: "Seattle - The show must go on" anzuschauen:

In diesem Video gibt es weitere Beispiele, wie wir konditioniert werden.
Schau dir dazu bitte folgende Szenen an:
14:28 - 14:40
23:15 - 28:55
34:05 - end

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