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Will Black People Impact 2020 Election?

04 Jun 2020

Recorded Feb 17 2019
This 2020 Election Black Americans have the potential to change and impact the way this election could go. But which party or if any would see the impact work for or against them? There is a movement arising within social media with Black Americans on finally wanting specifics. Certain agendas where Black Americans only can benefit from, just like other groups demanding specifics for their own. Here's my P.O.V. commentary on the topic.


Introduction Timeline

01:00 My absence of uploading videos

02:49 The 10 year evolution of Black Youtube commentary

05:10 The satification and disappointment of black social media

In Other news Timeline

09:57 21 Savage a free man

10:57 Joy Villa Grammy Dress sigh again..

14:14 Proud Boys founder & the SPLC Lawsuit

16:51 Latest in the Officer A.C. Smith killing Gregory Gunn Trial.

Main Topic Timeline

19:14 Republicans caring and not caring for the black vote

21:28 Black Americans putting their foot down needing specifics (agendas)

22:51 Other groups taking issue with Black Americans specific needs

26:36 Ignore the black vote and lose the election possibly

27:06 You Pander you lose

28:21 Black Americans who don't follow specific agenda rhetoric and still weighing options

30:13 Black Americans who have not canceled Corey or Kamala.... Yet

35:57 Conclusion

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