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Mother tongue kissing her 1 year old causes outrage across the world

Solidi Talks
Solidi Talks
28 Feb 2020

Mother tongue kissing her 1 year old causes outrage across the world. People are very upset saying it is inappropriate, she is coming under fire for posting this video. Some people are saying that the proper authorities need to be called. It is being said that the father is in the background while this is happening and therefore sees nothing wrong with her kissing her child in this nature. Do you think this is inappropriate? Tell me your thoughts on this issue, comment below and hit that thumbs up.

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3 months ago

What in the Flyin Fig of a Fuck is going on here? Wow SMDH

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putteminthegame 3 months ago

datz nasty

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 3 months ago

Well...being it's not in America and it doesn't appear to be in a sexual tone. Who am I to judge? If it was a boy...maybe I'd trip a little harder.

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