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useless ass chgo police. don't go to chicago.mp4

08 Feb 2020

this is chgo . a police dept that is worthless. a city that u take your life in your hands if you go. And if you do , make sure you are locked and loaded. This makes no mfkn sense. yet as I said with all this camera evidence, not a mf in jail. But they can find a mf who they didn't even have a picture of as a suspect that shot a fireman , at night , fighting a fire, with no witnesses. Tell me what the fuck do they pay these mfs in chgo for except to ride around and fuck with people who haven't done shit. But shit like this , even though the police detained a group (probably these animals ) at the next stop, but have since set these mfs right back out on an unsuspecting public to do it again. Now if this guy had shot these worthless mfs , a lot of you would be out marching because the white guy killed these animals for fucking with him

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