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☢ Is BLACK AFRICA Closer To A Nuclear Bomb Than IRAN? ☢

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

POETIC JUSTICE ROCKS! ☢ The State of #ISRAEL once helped South Africa’s #apartheid-era white-minority regime to build NUCLEAR WEAPONS. The highly-enriched uranium (HEU-235) that armed those #nukes has since fallen into the hands of the #ANC's black-majority government in #Pretoria. All the ANC needs now is an #R265 warhead design from #IRAN and Africa will become a nuclear superpower ☢️
#BlackBomb #AfricanBomb
“Africa should give up the idea of promoting itself as a nuclear-free zone except in terms of keeping outside powers and external bases at bay. Those African countries which signed the non-proliferation treaty should review their positions, and consider setting up a continental nuclear consortium allied to a strategy of developing a small military nuclear capability, first in Nigeria and later on in Zaire and black-ruled South Africa. For these three countries, going nuclear would be a new initiation, an important rite of passage, a recovery of adulthood. No longer will the Great Powers be permitted to say that such and such a weapon is ‘not for Africans and children under 16’…To move from the periphery to the mainstream of action in the nuclear field, Africa will have to get out of its technological shyness and nuclear inhibitions…” – Prof. #AliMazrui, The Reith Lectures, 1979

“As the richest, largest and most powerful Black country in the world, Nigeria has a sacred responsibility to challenge the racial monopoly of nuclear weapons by developing a ‘Black Bomb’, thereby ensuring that if, in a moment of madness, there is a large-scale annihilation of man, it will not be racially one-sided…” – Prof. Akinwande Bolaji Akinyemi, 1987

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