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Donkey of the DAY: H&M Parents the Mangos..

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
16 Jan 2018

Parents get roasted on the Breakfast Club...

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deejae 2 years ago

she sold her child's dignity for a couple of funky bucks...her and the father needs to be rabbit punched and kangaroo kicked repeatedly...

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mickybricks 2 years ago

them parents are a pair of bootlicking, high level horrific Cooning Sambo,s.
black family in sweden should be searching for these traitors to give them heavy hands

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Black Global Village
Black Global Village 2 years ago

AKATAS. The African word for sellouts. For KKKoons.

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deejae 2 years ago

micky, word...

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vulcan2050 2 years ago

exactly. these are the only type of black people they want to see on tv. See black people like this makes white people feel good about themselves.

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Bad Bad Puddy Cat!!!

(Lita Michelle) Its a shame that you have to Pimp Out your son to racist Rhesus Monkeys for a check

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