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Black Panther Movie - Malcolm X Vs MLK

Everybody Hates Angel
Published on 26 Feb 2018 / In Education

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Tress 13 days ago

that's why killmonger's woman apologized to him right before he shot her. she knew he would have to take her out to get to klaue so he can carry out the plan. that's what real revolutionaries do. we ain't ready for that kind of fight Angel. not even me.

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Sabrina Taylor
Sabrina Taylor 1 month ago

I want to put together a kids DIY mask and neck gear!! Like this king on the movie!!!

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MDS Multiverse BJTV
MDS Multiverse BJTV 1 month ago

I've watched the movie about 3 times now and I didn't see MLK or X. But I did see everything else that you've expressed.

In fact bust this here. When Killmonger killed that chick he was right. That cracker had only (1) one arm at that time, she didn't struggle or resist to free herself, and then she'd apologized!!! Apologizing for what exactly?!?!?! She was with and for the cracker.

So if your woman is so weak that she could be used against you by your enemy then get rid of her. And that's exactly what Killmonger did.

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Sabrina Taylor
Sabrina Taylor 2 months ago

I seen this movie. I loved it. I’d like to see more movies like this!

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Epic 3 months ago

You DIRECTLY on point brother. I tell people the same thing. But the o docile they look at me like I’m crazy. Brother even Marcus Garvey said 70% of African Americans are useless because they had gotten so complacent in this white man’s society that they would never try to build there Republic. I with you Angel.

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