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Marshawn Lynch Cussed At A Football Camp? Mother EXPLODES The Situation! | Brother Ben X

05 Aug 2019


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MDS Multiverse Network
MDS Multiverse Network 8 months ago

I grew up playing high school football and the coaches cussed at us. When I coached little league football and I also cussed. Us men have to be hard mainly because this world is hard and that also develops mental toughest to endure the hardships of life.

Because the mentally weak usually become drug abusers, go on killing sprees, or the worst commit suicide.

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Magenta 8 months ago

It was sexist and the commentator is agreeing with Lynch, while not agreeing with him. Where are his balls? If you agree, stand firm, don't be the pussy that you are accusing the mother of being. He kept asking for a man because he had no defense. All that deep breathing and oh shitting, he knows he's wrong, but he's still dismissive. Sweetheart, my ass. I don't care if it's animal, mineral or vegetable, if it treats my kid like shit, I'm gonna say something about it. If you dish it, you should be able to take it. As a 'man' he should accept that. Anyhoo, he should kkknow what to expect, no doubt he has one of those beasts for a wife.

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