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Can I shoot back at KKKops if i fear for my Life?

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Black Global Village
Black Global Village
24 Dec 2017

Woman asks for her tax money back from police who continue to kill unarmed innocent Black People and terrorize the Black community.

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RedZone News T.V.
RedZone News T.V. 1 year ago

that is powerful its time of our brother to put there foot down because it should not be our women that pertects this race

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BirdsEyePerch 1 year ago

Don't waste your emotion.
They don't care about anything that doesn't directly affect them.
They're likely already scoffing, saying "stop wasting our time with your ni88er problems".
"Be Ye Separate" - separate your heart from the culture of your enemy.

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BirdsEyePerch 1 year ago

Don't do their holidays. Stop going to their theatres or restaurants.

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SeperateButEqual 1 year ago

They want a race war to issue MARSHALL LAW. Meaning put restrictions on you. Don't fall for it. Just Separate in Silence. It cost nothing to Separate in all areas (except employment until you can own your own or be hired by a BlackOwnedBusiness. Next, Hurt their POCKETS! Take part in your own LIBERATION! Travel Ban (hurt tourism to places in Toledo). Don't argue, don't fight, don't approach, and don't get mad. Take part in your own LIBERATION! Boycott! Gangs? Come Together. Don't call 911. Police your own. Tell businesses in your community if there is a problem address the council first. We will resolve it. Families clean house. All we need is the Most High and each other. Separate!

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ThOth 1 year ago

Why you asking if you can defend yourself? You just do it.

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ThatNiccaPookey Jenkins

It's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6... That is the logical response to her inquiry.

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Black Global Village

Either way we still fucked when you put it like that, the system is against us.

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