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Is March 20th the Spring Equinox?

17 Apr 2019

I just woke up to my Hebrew Israelite heritage in 2017. I became excited to follow the Most High's Holy Days only to find that there are different calendars with the Holy Days on different days. I learned most were centered around the Enoch calendar and the Spring Equinox.....but Is March 20th the Spring Equinox? This video will explore that question and it also shows me building a spreadsheet based on Enoch description of law for the sun.
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EvehThought 1 year ago

Shalawam Achi! Thank you for this info. My family and I have just 'woke up' and are very new too many of these truths. I went ahead and replicated the spreadsheet, and I have a question: how did you calculate the percentage (decimal) for the Sun's in/decrease? Thanks in adavnce!

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