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But you chinese only see black people as evil.mp4

23 Apr 2020

yet you chinese treat us as the evil people for no reason , and whites walk around and you kiss their asses. throw these hateful ass chinese out of africa, and treat them like they are treating black people. I guess since chairman Mao died , you mfs have adopted all the evilness, hatred , and racism , of the caucasion and westerners, that he warned you mfs about. And yet these white bastards still think of you as communist backwards 3rd world punks who they can put their foot in your ass at will. meanwhile black people in africa welcomed you with open arms and you bastards have the gall to look down on us and discriminate against us, not only in your country but in africa also. what new guinea is doing right now in africa needs to happen in every nation . No talking and no asskissing by negro politicians. If this type shit where whites can beat asians ass, yet they censor the black man for covid 19 in asia,, a virus that originated in china. All over the world white people are blaming china and even threatening war or some type retaliation for something they had no control over, yet the chinese turn on the black man, and treat us like shit? Well africa as I said look at the biggest perpetrators of asian hate, like the people in this film,. And then as yourselves. Are we this stupid, that we let these asian people mistreat us when as a whole we've shown nothing but compassion ? No more mr. nice guy africa. now you see the wool is pulled from your eyes

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Derrick Smith
Derrick Smith 2 months ago

Yellow rats eating can hold their own nutshell

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