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#ADOS & #Taxes....Should We Have To Pay?


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sly35965 9 months ago

Greetings, Sisters and Brothers - "It Was Written In Pinkies' Constitution That The Government(s)/IRS Shouldn't Place Taxes On Working Labors/Self-Employed Individual(s) - Obviously, It Doesn't Apply To Blacks. Pinkies' Greed Share...Thanks."

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M M 9 months ago

Why the hell did the dentist prescribe this man percocets for a tooth been pulled? I was given ibuprofen. That is craaaazy! When I worked as a pharmacy tech, I kept seeing so many prescriptions for those heavy pain killers and Ritalin type drugs. I had to leave that position because I wanted so much to start telling customers about natural remedies. I was like yeah it's time to go.

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

That was the standard practice here in Michigan, I got percocets (back then). Today the doctors are giving these pink people Oxy's which leads to the $2 hard street shit when they are no long able to obtain pills legally anymore. Now we have a MF crisis because Too many Pinkies are ODing and dying? FOH. Oh let the SUN DANCE CLOSER....

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LeeMay 9 months ago

I agree 100% with your commentary. Dr Claud Anderson has been working for years on reparations, he has a Comprehensive Plan for Black Reparations ---- and A lot of so called scholars "jumping on the bandwagon" trying to overshadow Dr Claude Anderson's long, hard and arduous dedication to this issue. He even have lawsuits for reparations and approached Obama regarding reparations, to no avail. However, he remained steadfast and committed.

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Dr. Anderson is a true Gem to #ADOS and too many of Us asleep of that fact. I try to put the big picture to young people around me (I avoid ALL swirl babies, Fools saggin w/ a GD belt on, Those that work for law enforcement and Lost Negros (Like I was once)

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First Queen
First Queen 9 months ago

Like that One vid I saw. sorry, got in a while ago. spent the day detailing a friends monster truck. He got home, saw it and loved the work I did. Made my day. anyhow, when I get some extra time, I'll check out the rest of the videos you dropped. Gonna finish up these salon and food truck videos b4 I take my behind to bed. you have a good night.

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