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Little gook Fu going wild

My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V
18 Apr 2019

It seems that this Chinese toddler has not only achieved proficiency in martial arts but can also very well rescue his 'girl' from an untoward situation. The clipping which has gone viral on various social media is really captivating. Hmmm! Must say that the little kid has really fallen in love with the lady, for whom, it seems that he is not even hesitant to fight with a group of people of the China‬'s urban management force.

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David 10 months ago

I admire the young boy for the heart he displayed, more than your average fully grown man!

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LeeMay 11 months ago

The chinese people think this kid is funny now and he is. He looks like a bruiser, wait until he grows up. See where all the laughter goes then.

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