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How the Rich & Powerful Hide Their Money

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
13 Nov 2020

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You’ve done pretty well for yourself and your family. But ironically, the world you enriched thinks that you should be punished the most! That you should pay your “fair share” with their greedy “progressive” tax system.

Not paying taxes is a puzzle. When you operate a business that is registered in the majority of modern countries like the US, you’re legally required to have your name on the business in one way or another. The key is getting your name off of the business, off of any paperwork, and to make sure that even if the US really wanted to with a warrant, they can never find out who actually owns the business.

Shell companies are official companies that you can open and control, but it can’t be traced back to you. This way, you can open up a shell company, move your money through it, and since your name isn’t attached to the shell company, tax collectors won’t be able to charge you. The problem is that there is no way in hell the countries like the US would allow full-blown shell companies to be created.

Tax Havens are usually small countries that don’t really have much going for them, so they offer an extremely enticing business environment to attract foreign businesses to work with them and collect fees. There are four main qualifiers that a country is a tax haven 1. The country has little or no taxes. 2. They have very convenient financial products and incentives 3. The financial activities of the country lack transparency And lastly, the country doesn’t cooperate with other countries to give away their clients' identities. Once you have a tax haven in mind, it’s time to start your shell company.

You’re gonna choose a company in that tax haven that offers these financial services for sale. You can either buy a brand new shell company, or they’ll have existing ones that have a history of transactions already to make it look more legitimate. Once you purchase a shell, you're gonna have to determine Who’s gonna be the shareholder of the company, choose the directors and open up a bank account under your new anonymous shell company. Now it’s time to put your tax haven to work.

Our goal is to not pay taxes and move the money offshore into our Shell, so it can’t be taxed. Then, you have to eventually get the money back home. If authorities smell any potential wrongdoing, these are the things they’re gonna investigate: how you entered the offshore world, how you got your money offshore, and how you got it back to shore.

Once you pick a tax haven, open up a shell company with a local financial firm, and get your operation going - you are now paying a glorious 0% tax on all the money you manage to get through your offshore shell companies.

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