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the community has to drag the rest of these bastards to justice.mp4

08 Mar 2020

by now you've all seen this video. And I don't give a fuck what the people in crown heights have to do . But you know who these savages are. 5 have turned themselves in . The other mfs are hiding or being hid by their families and or friends. But black people have to go vigilante on these mfs and drag them to jail or send them to hell. we cannot condemn others for brutalizing us , and not condemn mfs living amongst us. these sob's need the full punishment of the law. No matter how harsh

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BConscience 4 months ago

Just by the freeze frame, a SALTINE has an OPINION on OUR issues. This is an IN-HOUSE problem. These Cave monkeys R using THIS 2 JUSTIFY a CRACK DOWN on R youth. Teach Ur kids 2 STAY away from NIGGAS.

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