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Throwing - Part 1: Kilindi Iyi

22 Feb 2020

Listen to "The African History Network Show", Thursday, August 5th, 8pm - 11pm EST as our guest will be Ahati Kilindi Iyi, Head Instructor of The Tamerrian Institute of Detroit. Many people don't know that the first fighting systems known to man began in Africa. We'll discuss the history of the African Origins of Martial Arts and what Africans took into other lands. Please visit for more information or to purchase this DVD.

Our topic will be: "The African Origins Of Martial Arts"

1) Where and how Martial Arts originated?

2) What is the purpose of Martial Arts?

3) The various styles of African Martial Arts and the countries they originated.

4) The animal systems that are practiced at the Tamerrian Institute such as the snake, panther, lion and bull to name a few.

5) What are the health benefits of practicing Martial Arts?

Kilindi has been practicing Martial Arts for over 30 years. He has been instrumental in the promotion of the African Martial Arts community and the general public. He has worked to bring a greater understanding of cross-cultural Martial Art systems through his writings. He has also appeared on the covers of many national and international magazines, such as Inside Kung Fu and Martial Arts Masters. Kilindi Iyi has been featured on local and national television programs such as 60 Minutes and Strange Universe. Kilindi was recently honored on The Martial Arts Masters produced by Wesley Snipes as one of the Masters of the Martial Arts in the 20th century.

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