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You are not getting me caught up in your mess


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Niyas713 7 months ago

that was obviously a trap ive worked in retail i wouldnt give people a stick of gum for free unless the manager came and told me to do it. as for taking stuff when offered i went into a shop and the shopowner knew me and wheni was short let me take it and come back i said no i put it back and came back later to pay it in full

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LeeMay 7 months ago

AGREED SIS! Don't trust the devils. I applaud you.

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commonman80 7 months ago

Sounds Like A Setup To Me..

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BConscience 7 months ago

Go 2 a ADOS cashier. And if none are available, go 2 the SELF -CHECK OUT. Mfers start acting right when they know that they can AND WILL BE replaced by a machine.

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

fam I go out of my way just like that. Check...2 days ago I'm in this line right and Bambi opened up a lane a couple places over right? She was waving me over and I just ignored her but then she came pullin at the cart...saying "I was waving you over" when I replied I think I hurt it's feelngs when I chose to Stand Firm and state "It's A Black Thing" You wouldn't understand. LOL

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BConscience 7 months ago

@The Haze Of Our Lives "X": LMMFAO No U didn't Still LMAO

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