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Pink Pill Called An N-Word-Boyfriend Agrees ? @Kevin Samuels Hater’s Fight

Above All That Drama

This is a response to the situation involving the pink pill (christelyn karazin) Cynthia G, Tanya Tko and the clubhouse situation when Christelyn (The pink Pill) Karazin allowed her “white zaddy“ to repeat the N word with the HARD E-R LIVE infront of everybody after being called an N-Word lover by some weirdo Black Man 🤦🏾‍♂️. Tanya TKO ended up getting involved in the Beef for some reason and of Course Cynthia G is mixed up into the drama with her fake former Freind Christelyn Karazin. I decided to go ahead and break down some glaring weaknesses of the sisterhood or the “Womanspere” as @Crys Logic calls it. #WinterisComing #ThePinkPill #NWordLover #Reaction

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David 2 months ago

Most of these "WOKE" females are just out here pimping the so called Black woman for Zaddy and them...

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