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Demonic Neanderthal Spawn Becky Wants To Keep DEAD SQUIRREL As "A Toy".

04 Jul 2019

After Cat Kills Squirrel This Demon Spawn Felt ZERO SORROW For The Dead Squirrel. And? Decides She Wants To Keep It As "A Toy".. The Neanderthal Beasts Are Born To Feel No Sympathy For Anything? Or Anyone... This Demon Spawn Is Just 3 Years Old And Her True Nature Is Starting To Reveal Itself.. Incredible.. Yep...

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blackme 5 months ago

im surprised it didnt bite into that dead squirrel and eat it raw. that baby demon should've been drowned at birth

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Knowledge72 5 months ago

Maybe she was hungry and she wanted to take it home and eat it raw.

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mickybricks 5 months ago

100% Demonic Crakkklin

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 5 months ago

Oh hell no, even their spawns are creepy as fuck, damn ew. And I'm not even gonna question why she's even holding the damn dead squirrel to begin with lol. ugh

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Cheesy 5 months ago

See how calm the parents are? They did this in their youth.

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