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Stockton, CA PD officers MURDER my son, he was UNARMED & handcuffed! Justice for Shayne Sutherla

Above All That Drama

This is the police edited version body cam video of 2 Stockton, Ca police officers tackling my UNARMED son down to the ground.
The officer forcefully held Shayne down while pressing into Shayne's neck with their forearm while they had Shayne in the prone position with his hands cuffed behind his back.
Shayne was begging and pleading and telling them "I can't breathe" several times. They ignored his pleas and continued to murder my son! Shayne called 911 from an AM/PM store in Stockton, Ca for help, obviously in a confused state. Instead of helping him, they belittled him and then murdered him. Stockton PD has refused to release the unedited body cam, dash cams, and store surveillance videos that will show exactly what happened without any blurred footage. Stockton PD has LIED to me from the beginning about how my son died, including denying ANY physical contact with him and telling me, "He stood up and collapsed to the ground and stopped breathing", which is obviously a lie.

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