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Family Shopping Trip to Walmart Ends With Alleged Racial Profiling

Sabrina Taylor
Sabrina Taylor
02 Jul 2020

A man in Vacaville says he was shopping at a Walmart and eventually told to leave or get arrested for trespassing. Kenny Choi reports. (6-19-20)

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pettiford36 12 months ago

Is that in California?

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Magenta 12 months ago

They do it because they know there is nothing to fear from black people. They do it because they know that black people will always want to be friends with them, procreate with them, be 'equal' to them. Black people need to stop spending their hard earned money. Buy only necessities, and buy as much as possible online. It's usually cheaper. White people are very angry and resentful about their decline, and they are taking it out on the most defenseless people. Their campaign of harassment against black people will continue until they are too few in number to be destructive. Until then, if black people are not willing to segregate they will suffer. Maybe to the point of death.

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The Motherland  Renaissance Channel (MRC)

leave Amerikkka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! leave amerikkka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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