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Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
27 Jul 2020

Meet the oldest bodybuilders in the world. If you need a little motivation to go to the gym, you have to see these grandparents doing the routine better than you.

-Edith Wilma Conner
This American bodybuilder is the best living prove it’s never too late to follow your dreams. When she turned 65, she participated in a competition in Las Vegas.

-Paul Stone
Speaking of starting off late, Paul got into bodybuilding at 66 years old. He was one of the bodybuilders worth remembering, and even practiced shortly before his death in 2015, at 80 years old.

-Jim Shaffer
With over 80 years under his belt, Jim began his career after quitting smoking at age 54; however, it was not until he was 68 years old that he started competing.

-Ernestine Shepherd
Starting her practice of this discipline at age 56, Ernestine was the former record holder for the oldest female bodybuilder in 2010 with 74 years of age.

-Manohar Aich
This Indian bodybuilder was one who surprised everyone, entering the practice of this sport at age 90.

-Arthur Peacock
Dedicated to this activity since 1965, his 83 years of experience have turned him into the living image of health.

-Jim Arrington
At 86 years of age, Arrington entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world's oldest bodybuilder.

-Raymond Moon
If we’re talking about self-improvement, Ray Moon is the first person that should come to mind.

-Tsutomu Tosaka
With a long career in bodybuilding, this Japanese athlete was famous in 2009 when he won the Master Bodybuilding Championship of Japan at age 74.

-Charles Eugster
Known for his great athleticism and advanced age, Charles Eugster was called “The fittest pensioner in the planet”, a well-deserved title, since he continued practicing this sport at 97 years old.

As you can see, it's never too late to start with #bodybuilding, if you like it, go ahead!

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