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migrants storm spanish beach.

30 Aug 2019

I'm sorry , But this is not the way to come into someones land. But then you could say , they the whites are getting exactly what they asked for when they went into africa 5 centuries ago and destroyed these peoples way of life and made them dependent on the whites after they , the whites enslaved them in their own countries and abroad, took away their lands , forced a bullshit ass religion upon them that made them cowards and weak ( all those they didn't kill) so now you've made them , or these particular ones into dependant uneducated children searching for their parents, you whites that have left. These are the ones who can't survive without the white man, so black african countries are letting you have your children back , while they keep educate, cultivate , and rebuild africa with the strongest of black people.YOU WHITE PEOPLE HAVE NOONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELVES.And sad to say these are young men who for some reason think its better with the whites. But as I said . Africa let these type go , from whatever country they come from, because they are of no use to you anyway

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Blacktivated Melanin
Blacktivated Melanin 12 months ago

We gotta find more constructive, amd productive wayz to fight da global powerz dat be.

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Negus_Of_666 12 months ago

What a Bunch of Weak Men.. What is there plan now?
To have interracial sex and have babies who are mindless about White Supremacy to grow up to attack Black People because of their Bedbuck Daddies lol

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12 months ago

Good Good! Fine planning, now do as General Hannibal did and #PumpAndDump Those females....EVERY blackness counts. LOL

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