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Insane Cop Gets Job Back After Jumping On Hood of a Man’s Car, Murdering Him

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Little Rock, AR — A deeply disturbing video was released last March showing a cowboy cop, Officer Charles Starks jump on the hood of a man’s car and dump 15 rounds into him—instantly killing him. The family of the victim has been trying to expose the unnecessary nature of this shooting but their fight has hit barrier after barrier. In April, it was announced that this cop would face no charges for murdering Bradley Blackshire, 30, but he was still fired. Now, however, he’s getting his job back.

According to KATV, “Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox on Thursday ordered the police department to reinstate Charles Starks and retroactively suspend Starks 30 days without pay. He also ordered Starks’ salary to be reduced to that of an entry-level officer.”

Fox went on to call the act of jumping on the hood of a car and firing 15 rounds through the windshield, “reasonable.”

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