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Man handcuffed in his own home after security system tripped.mp4

25 Aug 2019

It never ceases to amaze me how much these white devils want this to come down to a gotdamned race war. These bastards were totally wrong in the shit they did. All the time the guy is telling them its his house, not once did the mfs ask for I.D. And then when his superior came , the little thin mf told all the bullshit about how he came and the defendant not homeowner tried to tell him its his house. Now here is where his superior was supposed to ask that question, but instead went along with the bullshit, and then perp walked this man in his underwear down the street while they searched his house. why ? Now I see this guy is one of those african guys , so he says he hopes its not about race. he says he's been living there 5 yrs. So even if he's not african . WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU THINK IT WAS.WAKE THE FUCK UP SOME OF YOU. IT don't matter what you say to these white mfs . All they see in this situation is a black person with probably more shit than they have , and probably more money also. So here's a chance to put that nigga in his place. But this firday a black guy in illinois just like the black guy in philadelphia did started shooting back, and the guy in illinois killed the mfkn cop , and i'm glad he did. Just like i'm glad the guy in philly shot 6 of those mfs. Looking at shit like this and then reading a lot of the cave beast reasoning and logic how righteous these mfs were to not believe the man , and then walk him down the street in his underwear, makes whomever is black in amerika, wake the fuck up to reality. These mfs are the enemy

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