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Ep. 3: Beneath the Skin - Truth or Lies

Black Main Street
Published on 10 Dec 2017 / In News & Politics

Episode 3: Several questions remain after a yearlong investigation into 19-year-old Roshad McIntosh's death. CNN's Rosa Flores presses the City of Chicago for answers.
Watch Part 1: https://blackjunction.tv/watch..../ep-1-beneath-the-sk Part 2: https://blackjunction.tv/watch..../ep-2-beneath-the-sk

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pettiford36 2 months ago

And you wonder why ...they shall not inter the Kingdom of heaven!

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You guys heard that? It was a good shooting. Because killing black people is a good thing. The on-codedness is real.

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Audlane1 6 months ago

It’s called coding up!

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eberhistory 6 months ago

People really need to know where the term "a good shooting" comes from! It reeks of collusion!

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YanaB 7 months ago

They pretend like their care for the safety of the community, they don't! if they did they would not come out their car guns blazing. They are always "fearing for their lives" but what about the people, the CHILDREN, that live there??

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