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19 Sep 2019
Sword King Free Online Strategy Game.mp4
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Martin Luther King Jr's Dream Turned Into A Nightmare #MLKDay (Classic Commentary)


We revisit a classic but still relevant commentary on our brother Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We as the black community must not allow them to hijack and turn Dr. King into docile soundbites. Original video was uploaded 1/19/16

Hosted by Phillip Scott

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Jacksva0 1 year ago

Now this the King I'm talking bout!..

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potechi 1 year ago

Every black kid, man, and woman needs to watch this and understand what MLK stood for at the end of his journey. We need to teach our own people our own history and societal dynamics.

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LuvLikeTheSun 1 year ago

That's Right! The evolution of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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CaptPY2 1 year ago

That was a great powerful speech. MLK was moving into a Malcolm's mindset.

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1 year ago

And the same conditions Dr. King concerned himself with still exist in the US fifty years after his death as they will continue to exist fifty years from now unless we finally come to the realization that we will only achieve salvation when we have our own land, with our own government under our own king.

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Sword King Free Online Strategy Game.mp4
19 Sep 2019
Sword King Free Online Strategy Game.mp4
Liongirl · 3 Views