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Tornados, Flooding And Death Left In Southern Storms' Wake

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A wide swath of the nation awoke to devastation Monday after a deadly front drove a line of severe storms and tornadoes through much of the South and East over the weekend, destroying neighborhoods and flattening a Texas town.

The death toll rose to eight and dozens more were injured after a wave of suspected tornadoes roared from Texas to New Jersey. Rolling power outages followed the storms, and 170,000 homes and businesses were without power Monday from North Carolina to Pennsylvania.

On Sunday afternoon, six people were injured after a suspected tornado roared through a section of Shelby, Ohio. Police Chief Lance Combs said damage to the power infrastructure was "severe" and that some streets were littered with utility poles and trees.

"If there is a silver lining to the cloud that passed us, was the time, day and location," Combs said. "Just a half a mile to the north and our residential neighborhoods would have been devastated."

Wind gusts of up to 60-70 mph accompanied the storms, more than enough to topple trees and power lines.

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