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Newest black (dance) music festival coming to Mississippi Fall 2019

11 May 2019

This is a special live stream presentation about the newest black dance music festival projected to debut between Labor Day Weekend and "Thanksgiving Day" 2019 in The Delta. This includes possible shows in Mississippi, Memphis and vicinity.

Artists scheduled to perform include Clyde Biggs, a soul man from Seattle, WA, Boomslang and the Africans (formerly Boom Jungle Wood) reigning from Seattle also with set apart Ska and Reggae music, Sasaraman (Hip Hop artist) from Jamaica currently residing in the ATL is scheduled to rap, Dj Vegas SA, MRIZO and Chellas Studios Artists perform live from South Africa with House music all night long, Jumbosound Recordz will provide a very special performance in Swahili live from Kenya. Afro-Funky-House, R&B and Hip Hop recording artist/producer Supadry will live stream from Paris, France. Also scheduled to perform live at the Mississippi venue, House legend, C#NN1PT!ON.

Check out the artists and line up on the Number One Music (N1M) platform.

We are seeking support and individuals who can help organize and promote this event.


Superblack Afro-Funky House Tracks

Go Fund Me Campaign:
Mississippi Music Festival 2019

Compact Disc and Poster Set for $25 (USD) Donation:

Dj Vegas SA
"Sound So Strange"


Jumbosound Recordz
"The Moonshine"


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