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Feminizing the Black male - The government fears masculinity! - RIZZA ISLAM™

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Send this to 2 Alpha males ????????????

Women need MEN out here! Not men trying to BE WOMEN!!

Understand what this enemy is DOING!???????????? - There is absolutely an agenda to femininize the Black man! - I recommend everyone get the book and watch the lecture: "Understanding the assault on the Black man, Black manhood and Black masculinity" by: Dr. @wesleymuhammad . Understand that according to the united states census bureau Caucasian people are at a NEGATIVE birthrate meaning more of them are DYING than are BEING BORN! And the government is saying that "Population control" is an issue.

Even U.S representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez JUST STATED that: "Having children may be an issue". We have to understand that there IS a WAR on MANHOOD & MASCULINITY!!!! Do NOT be AFRAID to SAY IT!!! NEVER accept this! What happens when our community needs masculine, strong, NATURAL MEN and the police or the government comes to attack us? What if all of the men turn gay? Who will protect our women & children? WHAT IS THE REAL PURPOSE HERE??!!????

Is it REALLY just "expressing oneself" or is there an agenda to DESTROY the WARRIORS within our COMMUNITY?! THINK! We have to respect ourselves and STOP adopting the behavior of the SAME ENEMY who is plotting to EXTERMINATE US!!


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Healthnloveisbeauty Healthnloveisbeauty

Our men need to stay alert...❣????

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LeeMay 5 months ago

And the sad part about it is seeing SOME Black men fall for this crap.

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