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Stock Market Investing: Make Money (How to)

30 Dec 2017

How to make money in the stock market. In this video I explain the two main ways investors make money, which is with capital gains and dividends.

These are not the only two ways, though, as they can also make money with options trading and selling short. But these two methods are a bit more advanced and require some time to get right.

The fast majority of investors make bank with their realized capital gains, because that is easiest method to comprehend. Buy low and sell high.

Dividends are a little bit of a known secret that long term investors use to their advantage. The major pros of investing in the stock market for dividends is that they can be reliable, provide consistently growing cash, and if you build it up to a significant amount you can even live off your dividend income without ever having to sell your assets.

I also give you 4 of my stocks you need to have on your watch list. These stocks have gone through bear and bull markets, having weathered the stock market storms.


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