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This Is What Happened To Andre 3000

Above All That Drama

There are few musicians with the star power of André 3000, thanks to his fresh sound, buoyant personality, and bright outfits. But since the height of his fame with OutKast, he's almost completely retreated from the public eye. So let's investigate what happened to him.

André may have scaled back his music career, but that doesn't mean he's completely put his life as an entertainer behind him. Let's not forget that he managed to parlay OutKast's fame into the Cartoon Network series Class of 3000. And back in his heyday, he also delivered a glorious comedic performance in the 2008 basketball movie Semi-Pro, even though at the time he told MTV News,

"To be honest, I'm probably the worst player out [there]."

André's acting career has since reached new heights. After a busy 2008, he took a five-year hiatus and then came back to play legendary rock star Jimi Hendrix in Jimi: All is by My Side. Five years after that, he nabbed a role alongside Robert Pattinson in the sci-fi horror flick High Life. Then in 2020 he transitioned back to the small screen alongside Jason Segel in the AMC drama Dispatches from Elsewhere. In an interview with AMC, André admitted that he didn't relate very much to his character Fredwynn, who's a calculating conspiracy theorist. He also noted,

"Right before shooting, Jason Segel gave me one strict direction…don’t smile. Because I’m a naturally smiley person, that was a fun challenge. I actually smiled when I heard it." Keep watching to learn What Happened To Andre 3000!

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Back on the small screen | 0:00
Writer's block | 1:37
Trying to find his talent | 2:48
Sticking with fashion | 4:07
Ditching Atlanta for NYC | 4:54
Losing his parents | 6:01
Learning how to live normally | 7:07
Production work | 8:17
Giving up veganism | 9:32
Social anxiety | 10:23

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