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"Tariq Nasheed": Behind the Con

Hard Cold Alquan
Hard Cold Alquan
12 Oct 2020

Many of us are tired of this fairly sophisticated con man who calls himself "Tariq Nasheed" conning blacks and lying every time he opens his mouth. Some of us are also tired of this guy taking material from our videos and acting as if he kicked the knowledge without mentioning who he got it from!

This fake black activist with white family members continues to promote his master's propaganda: Farrakhan and Rizza Islam are legit, hispanics are white, blacks are from Africa - or the Americas, he is pro-black, Jews are broke and they own nothing and are victims of other whites, his white family members do not exist, all blacks are dusty and broke, whites are superior and are to be respected, etc...

This slick, mega qoon, along with his other partners like Dr. Boyce Watkins - are the REAL menace to blak America - because they are for sale and are being pimped by the people whom they trick you into thinking that they are fighting against! I am no ho, and tonight - twe will pimp slap "Tariq Nasheed!"

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