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MOVE Press Conference: On the passing/medical execution of Delbert Africa (June 16, 2020)

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
18 Jun 2020

Medical neglect within the prison system is a tool deliberately used by the state to bypass the courts in order to execute prisoners. Delbert Africa of the MOVE 9 died on Monday, June 15th. He was released in January after spending 42 years in jail for a crime he did not commit. Last August he was hospitalized while in prison and received inadequate care. Upon his release UPenn doctors expressed their concern over the types of treatment he was given and denied while incarcerated. The cause of death should be treated as murder. This is the uncut MOVE press conference I filmed yesterday to address what happened to Del, and Phil and Merle before him, and countless other prisoners who are facing medical execution.

Discussions about defunding/abolishing police must also address the medical malfeasance (if not outright total abolition) of the prison industrial complex.

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