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wake up africa wake up b4 its too late

23 Jul 2021

⁣ wake up africa wake up b4 it too late . i say this to the black african youth and those who dont want to see their continent destroyed by the white devil with his wars. he's coming and he means you no good . tell them to get the fuck out , and tell the russians also . kill any mf that supports amerika or russia , and if the chinese get cray add them to the mix. but definitely amerika and russia have to not be able to garner a military might at the black peoples exspense and have you killing each other over white mfs ideas. but africans read it for yourselves. and black amerikans read it also. these white bastards want to colonize africa with their fucked up hate and racism so we don't have have anywhere to go . the only ones to bring modernization to africa have been the chinese. so why does amerika and russia the white devil want to interrupt that

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