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Caribbean Indians Exposed As Racist In Voice Note On Whats-app

22 May 2020

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Ian T. Sebas is a Jamaican. Author. Poet. Publisher. Journalist. Blogger. Vlogger and Motivational Speaker.

Here, I combat general issues pertaining to the island of Jamaica, its politics, laws, constitution, culture and current developments, by sharing a small percentage of my personal opinion and the maximum acquired facts as solutions. It is my aim to educate, motivate and inspire Jamaican citizens, while informing others, in hope of positive changes to the negative elements, which are often crippling to the nation.

This video exposes so called East Indians in the Caribbean being racist as fuck.
These so called East Indians are not the real Indians, they are Hindustanis or Bharatians. And are the kinfolks of the so called White Man (Caucasians).

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