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The Media & 2020 Democrats Are Trying to "Redefine Reparations"

01 Mar 2019

The white media is now trying to set up their Boule bootlicks as the "face" of the reparations movement. Now here's how we're going to stop them!
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Nero Onnyx
Nero Onnyx 1 year ago

"what the hell just happened?"
"It's still happening!"

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Dangerous Television

I was waitin' on this...Since I can't comment on YOUtube no more.

What we need to do is change the our strategy on reparations. DON'T JUST CONCENTRATE ON SLAVERY. It's a losing strategy. All whites are going to say is, "well, Blacks today weren't one picked cotton in this current Black generation".

To kill that noise....start demanding reparations for OTHER ATROCITIES AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE. The largest argument for that is the CIA selling crack cocaine (via Rick Ross) to Black neighborhoods all across America. And there are many others.

Slavery was just the tip of the iceberg...

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