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NEEGROS wont learn

08 Aug 2020

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TheFM4 2 months ago

this is what happens when the parents fail to protect

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 2 months ago

Sad to say famliy, but you are correct. I see what's coming, because TMH creator already forewarned us. So we might as well get prepared, to see a lot more black men (and some black women) get destroyed, because they refuse to stop intermixing with the people of other nations, especially the Caucasoids.

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lazmor 2 months ago

when you see shit like this 9 times out of 10 these are hood negros who got lucky to go to college or whatever, and its the first time being around white women . and these mfs go buck fucking wild , because these mfs are in their mind believing these mfs are the prize they have been searching for. Because all those thots only had phony hair , a big ass little to no education , and to them are harsh with coarse language. In these hood negros minds , that white woman is soft , and soft spoken . the kind I don't care what you say, the hardest man is always looking for, because it triggers something that is long since been buried in their subconscious. and that is that warm soothing voice they heard in their mothers womb , and even for the first couple months of their lives.This is something they rarely hear from hood women if at all. and then when they hear this from these white women , they think they have died and went to heaven. then they won't even consider the educated black woman because already in their minds is a bias against them because they only have thots and hood rats to compare black women to. And all the images that were flooded into their brain from birth of the white woman was purity . Now this don't hold true for all black guys , but you can bet these type come from the hood. The black male that has been raised around these conniving mfs know just what they are really like. And being raised around them he doesn't have that false sense of them being better.And when you hear of the instances that the narrator is talking about where as he says these fools are soon going to jail, I'll bet not a one comes from a mixed middle class area, or family where the father actually told them to be mindful of these types. as a matter of fact the fathers of fools like this have put it in their mind that these women are better and you've won a prize to sleep with a white woman. But I feel nothing for these fools, because its just like I have said in my vids. If you want a nigga to do something , tell him not to, and if you don't want a nigga to do something , tell them to do it.sad to say these niggas were told not to. Because they sure aren't black, or they would know better

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