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The Value BLACK LOVE reposted

Supermike Fard
Supermike Fard
01 Jul 2020

The gender warfare between black men and women is leaving our people open to increasing amounts of DEATH and SUFFERING on all levels of the social economic scale. Its the job of everyone especially those who have found functional relationships to share advice and wisdom

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1 month ago

Funny, when we have this discussion about black relationships, people get on this interracial thing. The access is coming from your platforms. Black platforms are the most effective tool the enemy has. One a black site, sistahs are more likely to see a interracial headline than black couples. Hell, they even have more views than images of us together. And the images are what they respond to - men too. Your validating the interracial thing without even knowing it. Black women and men belong together. That's why our marriages last longer. White supremacy know this is why they divert attention from B/B Love. Black people, unfortunately are helping them.

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