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James Corbett Interview - The Censorship Problem, The Regulation “Solution” & A 'DeepFake&#

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In a previous interview entitled "The Social Media Regulation Psyop," (link in the show notes) James Corbett and I discussed the orchestrated suppression and censorship of independent voices online, the reaction we all saw that followed, and the potentially pre-planned government "solution" to this manufactured problem; and if correct, what that would mean for the future of social media, independent news, and just freedom of speech & press in general.

Well In recent weeks we have seen massive purges on social media, initiation of anti-trust investigations, efforts to break up big tech companies, and of course interestingly timed massive internet outages. So what's really going on, and what's about to happen? Just as before, there is no one better person in my opinion to have on to discuss these developments that James Corbett.

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James Corbett's Links:!/c/corbettreport

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Everybody's ragging on You Tube, all groups. You know white people they will unite and bring the jews to a halt.

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