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blame the black guy not the white guy.mp4

30 Nov 2019

the more I look at this . the madder I get. Not once do these mfs in a lot of these articles put the blame where it truly lies. the shoulders of the kicker. But instead blame the black guy for the white guy's inadequacies. Thats why I wrote this
you know as I read this article and the comments from the white bastards from hell, it goes to show just how ignorant you dumbassed negroes are to keep trying to entertain these hateful ungrateful bastards. This type ridiculous rulings by the white controlled sports franchises whether collegiate or professional , on a yearly bases is finding more and more ways to tame you wild ass niggas when you want to celebrate to massa for doing something good. in other words what the white controlled sports arena's are treating black athletes are is dogs, by likening you to a happy puppy who wags his tail and jumps on the masters legs with sharp paws only to be knocked back down , because master didn't tell the dog it was alright to do this.. In other words these rule changes are to cajole the black/negro athlete into a controlled behaviour that wont offend the opposing white fans or embarrass the home fans, to show they got their niggras in control, because since they can't control black peoples superior athleticism , they figure they should control your joy and temperament. And thus more and more ridiculous rules every season. And you niggas (hate that word but until you wake up and fight back mentally, there is no other ) quietly accept it , when its you that make the games . not the rules

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BConscience 2 months ago

On point. Reason Y I stopped watching/supporting sports, YEARS AGO. YT boys figgered, they can't DO than neither should YOU.

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

That's Mississippi for ya..or better yet AmeriKKKa.

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