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6 Psychological Habits That Make You Miserable!

Solidi Talks
Solidi Talks
24 Jun 2021

6 Psychological Habits That Make You Miserable! Recognize the unhappiness you are experiencing. Research indicates that accepting your negative feelings will, paradoxically, increase your well-being. Accepting negative feelings such as disappointment, anger, and sadness will also reduce stress.

Psychologists distinguish different kinds or levels of happiness. One popular categorization suggests three levels: The first involves the balance between our transient emotions, both positive (such as joy) or negative (e.g., anxiety); the second refers to our cognitive self-judgments about our life in a general, long-term sense; and the third focuses on "flourishing" and finding meaning in life. The first is thus about emotions, the second about rational self-reflection, and the third about the fulfillment of human potential.

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