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Black people can't BE RACIST

YAHzwill YAHudah
YAHzwill YAHudah
19 Jul 2019

True racism

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Magenta 4 months ago

Racism is not just about power and wealth. There's plenty of racist PWT out there. It's not that black people don't have the power/wealth to be racist. Black people are not racist because they don't have that gene. Racism is based solely on the hatred of blackness, and it makes whites spiteful, irrational and dangerous.

The genetics of racism is always overlooked. Hate based solely on skin colour affects their every judgment. However, I believe that some black people have inherited that gene due to race mixing, and they tend to hate black and love white.

If black people were to embrace their race as whites embrace theirs, they would be much further ahead in the game, but mind control makes this impossible at present. One can only dream.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 5 months ago

Sorry about the YT demons Ahk Will. Join the club. I have a small YT channel with a little over 500 subs and they tortured me the 1st 6 months. I got so fed up with that elementary, childish madness to the point that I stopped building my YT channel and only post now and then.

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YAHzwill YAHudah
YAHzwill YAHudah 5 months ago

Let's keep fighting and circumvent their system

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