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All Authoritarian Voters of 2020 Will Now Be Destroyed

Afro Word
Afro Word
09 Nov 2020

In keeping with the prophesy of the article “Whoever Votes for or Supports Authoritarianism in 2020 Will Be Destroyed”, the second half of the prophesy will now come to pass. The first half was to expose the racism and racist in America. The second half is to destroy them and white supremacy. All idolators have been sifted from among the wheat, cast down and bound in darkness.

Prophesy article - https://afromerica.com/directo....ry/politics/destroye

Afromerica has declared war on white supremacy with Black Liberation. Liberation Theology is a strategy and a form of thinking that transforms the mind from misinformation driven into the minds of Black Americans from their birth, to a mind able to discern reality from Euro-American fantasy and from underneath the strong holds of white supremacy.

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