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WTF is this Clown Cake Bullshit? Really Bitches??

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

I have no words

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lazmor 22 days ago

these ignorant black ass nigga bitches are sickening and a gotdamned disgrace to black women everywhere. These bitches could care less about putting babies in harms way. This is why I said that bitch who got shot while she was pregnant because she took her ass over another womans house and wanted to fight should have had her ass locked up forever . Not the woman who shot her , but the dumb broad who gave less than a damn about her babies health. But a lot of people got upset with the woman defending herself, as though she should give a damn more about this womans unborn baby when she didn't give a damn herself

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 22 days ago

A lot of Black women don't care about the babies...look at all the abortions. But also look at all the white women trying to lookie Lou. Them some nosy bitches.

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